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USA (7-11 November 2007)

Honoring the past and envisioning the future of sexual science

Report on the 50th Conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality in Indianapolis

More than 500 participants shared their professional experiences in the field of sexual research, education, counseling and therapy at the conference which marked the 50th Anniversary of the Society established in 1957 to encourage the rigorous, scientific study of sexuality. Image

Many presentations addressed significant aspects of the history of sex research as well as cutting-edge developments in the field; while other lectures focused on the past and future of theory, research, and professional practice related to human sexuality. Also, the conference was a very special event, with exceptional speakers, important symposia, and festive activities, representing an occasion for honoring the past and for looking ahead to new horizons. On this occasion the lecture “Fifty Years of Great Sex Research” held by the President of SSSS Patricia Koch, provided commentary on the reoccurring themes regarding the challenges that SSSS has faced as an organization, and note for the important contributions that the Society has made to sexual science and society, at large.

President of SSSS Patricia Koch and Sexpresso reportersOn the plenary session “Sexual Science: Looking Back, Moving Forward”, the director of the Kinsey Institute Julia Heiman spoke for the need for inspiration, innovation, and perseverance in sex research, and discussed sources of inspiration, big ideas, dangerous notions, methodological news and depth interpretations of sexual science. The lecture entitled “Sexuality Education Across the Decades: Challenges and Change” on very interesting and interactive way examined the history of sexual education in the United States and addressed decades’ old struggles to implement comprehensive sexuality education. The same purpose “validation pleasurable and satisfying experiences of women” was achieved through two different approaches: in a laboratory setting and through survey research.

The Heart and Soul of Sex

The fact that the sexual experience is multidimensional was presented on the workshop “The Heart and Soul of Sex: Researching the Feelings and Meanings of Sexual Experience”, which offered practical model for helping clients explore the feelings, meanings, and mysteries of sexual experience - transcend guilt and shame, heal sexual wounds, move past “good-girls don’t”/“real-men-score” dynamics, create heart-to-heart communication, and enjoy sexual pleasure throughout their lifespan, integrating sexuality and spirituality.

Also, there was Sex and Intimacy Coaching Workshop, where was presented the method of facilitation that increases erotic embodiment and decreases sexual shame and blockages through a guided breath work and experiential exercises for helping couples feel more connected and able to express their sexual desires. And not to mentioned another numerous presentations, sessions, lectures, posters from different fields of sexual science (male and female sexuality, HIV prevention, sexual orientation and LGBT groups, education and therapy, contraception, cross – cultural studies, erotica, pleasure, clinical researches, tantra…)

Kinsey Institute - the cradle of sexual research

Alfred Kinsey father of sexual scienceOne of the highlights of Conference was the visit to the Kinsey Institute for Research Sex, Gender, and Reproduction in Bloomington, which is one of the most famous and most significant institutions for sexual researches in the world. The mission of The Kinsey Institute is to promote interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the fields of human sexuality, gender, and reproduction through development of specialized collections of resources for scholars, programs of research and publication…

Alfred Kinsey, the founder of the Institute is also known as a father of the modern sexology science, making revolutionary steps in examination of the male and female sexual behavior. As a continuation of this visit was the special lecture "Memories of Alfred Kinsey: His Life and Work" by the Kinsey daughters, who have been invited to discuss their father’s legacy.

As a part of the official program of the Conference was the exhibition “Expressive Bodies: Photographic Artists Exploring Human Sexuality” of original prints from the collection of the Kinsey Institute surveys the use of the photographic medium by contemporary artist to express ideas about sexuality and gender, and to explore the visual impact of the human body.

The newcomers

Eli Coleman, Ex- President of WAS and Sexpresso reportersAmong the rare participants from Europe were the representatives of the Komaja Society for the Development of the Art of Living from Macedonia. They had two presentations entitled as “The Level of Sexual Culture in Macedonia and the Contribution of Komaja on its Development” and “Macedonia and U.S. Students’ Perceptions of Gender and the Opportunity for Change”.

This conference offered an inspiring, compelling, and cutting-edge blend of research and science-based practices and opportunities to meet and network the world leading professionals in sexology, who are making efforts to promote sexual health and sexually healthy societies worldwide.



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