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Contemporary Madame de Pompadour

Moral of a prostitute

... today in the 21st century, the era of nano tech invents, there exist indeed all sorts of methods for the satisfaction of our diverse needs; yes, there still exists classic (Christian) marriage, there exists also 'classic' mistress, there exist various other forms of together living in love, and there exists, unfortunately, also prostitution.
The oldest profession, as they say...

Recently broken chain of elite prostitution in Croatia and missing seventeen-year-old Antonija Bilić a few months ago, encouraged me to deeper contemplation about my own sexuality and awareness about it in general, whereas the article in the Croatian edition of Elle magazine (September 2011, Between passion and fear) written by Ines Trkulja, inspired me to give some sort of contribution to this issue of human existence, at least in written form.

Antonia Bilić has been lost without trace ever since June this year in Croatia, after hitch hiking on the road near the town of Drniš and entering the truck which stopped. (More about this case can be read here www.vecernji.hr on croatian language or in english editions:www.croatiantimes.com and dalje.com) No matter all the missing parts of the story and no matter which kind of judicial epilogue this case gets, the one certain thing in it is that it was a case of extreme sexual violence over a young woman.

The mentioned Elle article touches the same issues of human sexuality and social and psychological phenomena originated from it from a different angle. I liked the article because it mentions some of the most important, unconventional and to me personally very inspirational women of the past, but especially since it questions socially accepted norms of (un)equality of men and women in Croatian society, and beyond it. It turns out that moral - ethical principles aren't equal when it comes to men and women and their specific emotional and sexual needs. I would love if every woman reading this, in the evening in her soft bed, would try to listen to herself and to feel is this so, does it bother her, maybe event annoy? And what does she do or could do about it?
The word prostitution is more often associated with women, and each one of is reminded of some part of our fantasy or desire, where essentially, it is all very similar and imbued with similar vibrations and activities. Any normal, healthy person wants to enjoy sexually and wants to satisfy all the needs of this body. But everyone also wants to be happy, fulfilled, healthy, smiling, have money, live their dreams. Where is the difference then?

A motive to be a prostitute?

Greek AspasiaThis body has a fair number of 'needs', which stimulate it every day to various activities. One of the essential needs of this body is sex, sexual union, orgasm, physical pleasure .... does the body has those needs or as it often seems to me, do these needs 'have the body'? Not only that the needs have my body as an object, rather they have its abilities. I am concentrating on the execution of these needs, as sometimes it is the only and last thing in my life. I'm not sure, I have no idea from which angle I should look at it, and can I be objective when I talk about myself.
To satisfy those various needs today in the 21st Century, in the era of nano tech invents, there exist indeed all sorts of methods, there still exists classic (Christian) marriage, there exist 'classic' mistress, there exist various other forms of together living in love and there exists, unfortunately, also prostitution. The oldest profession, as they say. Here I would give a small remark to Ines (Author of the "Elle" article Between passion and fear), because she says that the motivations for prostitution today are the same as they were before. I can not claim for sure how it was before, but Ines stated that some are engaged in order to survive, others to live better, and the third because they simply enjoy it. Today, with these articles about the elite prostitution, and with sorrow and compassion that I feel when I read statements of Antonija's parents, we should note that there are also a part of girls which do 'it' from none of these motives. But because they are forced to, and unfortunately some don't even know that it can be different and that they can live and do what they want and when they want, how they want and with whom - that they can choose and change their sexual and other partners on their own. Whose morality is now questionable? A girl who is forced under threat of death to 'sell' the juices of her beautiful body to some rich peacock, politician or athlete, who is the 'husband' only insofar as he feeds the children conceived with a woman who carry his name, cleans the dust from his books, and has registered residence at the same address as he is? The word husband means something entirely different. What such kind of man does, is a husband only in name.

This body has sex, or does sex have this body?

Husband calls for courage, loyalty and honesty. The one who behind one doors 'feeds' his soul need to have children and enjoys hot soup, but empties 'his bodily need' behind other doors 'in another', and covers all that with colourful banknotes, is contrary to the courage, loyalty and honesty. I somehow have a feeling that he became 'those needs', and that those needs have his body, whereas the body only does in line with the sort of instinctive order. And needs made him hypocritical, double faced and unreliable. I don't know how realistic I can be, because I also am a woman, but it seems to me that morality of 'his' prostitute definitely is in a better light. Her physical and mental health was probably shaken; especially if she does this under coercion and violent threats, but women does a fair job. And the better she becomes, her reputation and earnings grow, as well as the number of satisfied customers. This leads to the point of this article.

Love as the key

Madame PompadourInes mentioned Veronica Franco, she says, the most famous courtesan of Renaissance Venice. Veronica was beautifully displayed in the movie Dangerous Beauty, very touching and instructive. She also mentioned Greek Aspasia, Lillie Langtry from Britain, French Madame de Pompadour, etc. The power and the ability of these women, besides being very good at satisfying also the sexual needs of their clients, were demonstrated through a variety of other activities. Poetry, politics, acting and managerial gift are only parts of their range, which means that they were generally successful individuals who 'spread' their success also over the sexual area and its application. Sounds like a college subject, Sexual area and its application, which essentially it is, subject in the college of life. Or have they perhaps through a positive and hard training in the techniques of erotic and love in order to satisfy clients and herself, discovered that their overall energy level is changing, that they are more capable and fuller, that they grow, have more energy and better concentration, and then they discovered within themselves also a talent for poetry, the organization in the royal court, or acting, and began to improve in it. By using their own, but also 'client's' drive, they discovered love as the key. They loved each client, the beautiful and the ugly one, and devoted themselves to him and kissed him in the same way as the one who cheats in the darkness melts into his instinct and desperately fights for more. However, the cheater and his body are carried by drive, and Veronica's body by love; cheater begins to loose it and to loose the ground beneath his feet, while Veronica becomes aware of it and begins to use it. You become what you devote yourself to. It doesn't matter at all where it started, the essential is that it exists and that we can use it to make us better, and contribute to the world. To give what we have so that we all have more and make it better for us. I think that there are no doubts about the morality and the compliance with codes of these women, for exactly the giving is the sacred act of love. And we all give what we have.

We all need both love and sex

I'm definitely against prostitution and any form of violence, the use of others' 'bodies' and the passion for money, due to poverty or under coercion. But after watching the film Dangerous Beauty, I asked myself if I could ever be able to achieve and maintain a level of accuracy and fair play which Veronica showed in the movie.
It is in the first place greatest possible directedness towards love and living in love and for love, her deeds are living proof of that, and all the other abilities that she had learned, are the result of living in love and for love. This automatically makes her the proper and satisfies even the most moral codes of puritans. And it makes her happy and the people around her.

Lillie langtryThe one who has surrendered his body through inertia to the drive for sexual satisfaction, while lying to the loved ones, has denied the love. He is closing his eyes in front of the love of his wife, the love of his children, and in front of his own love for them, going for the 'package of love' from a prostitute or a courtesan, who have been trained in it so well that the religious men of power still only one hundred years ago were burning them alive, accusing them that devils and demons live inside of them. And who knows what and where his wife does while he enters the prostitute's door? Because we all have the same emotional, sexual and soul needs, including herself. We all need both love and sex, to be healthy, happy and successful in what we do, and to progress. When love exists, it's all here, but when there's no love, there's nothing.  Both his wife and the prostitute, who he goes to secretly, between passion and fear, as Ines says, have the same love. But still, for the courtesan it's her trade, the oldest trade, and she trains it, while his wife is perhaps not so skilled, and therefore the interest of her husband's fades out.

We can also improve our eroticism

Out of our love for something or someone we exercise various activities and upgrade skills in which we may not be the best or champions. And morals and ethics we also learn, and change our views. If we learn to paint, play badminton or attend a drama group, we can also improve our love and erotic skills, improve our eroticism, and use it for various purposes. The courtesans of ancient times were so successful in all these activities while they were queens of love and eroticism, and we remember them by all this together. Why shouldn't we also do this? Today it is precisely the time when all sorts of skills are valued and well paid. Abilities and talents we never have enough in modern capitalism.


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