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How many young couples during the ‘honeymoon’ days of falling in love and at the beginning of their relationship stop to talk about their sexual hygiene?

Let’s talk about Condoms


Do we really need to talk about condoms, now, 400 years after their introduction and after they have won almost all the ticks & approvals from health professionals, governments, or anybody with a bit of brain or common sense?  I say, almost all, because unfortunately there are still some segments of medical community and religious watchdogs that consider sexually transmitted diseases to be God’s punishment for sexual misbehaviour and the use of condoms immoral.  So, do we need to talk about condoms even though it is widely accepted that they should be used for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and they are freely sold in super-markets, & pubs, and used by millions?  The answer is yes, we still need to talk about condoms as long as this ‘necessary nuisance’ does not become part of our upbringing, day-to-day life, and conditioning, like food...  or wearing clothes...   or putting lipstick when going out...  checking our pockets for condoms...
In March 2010, the Swiss Government created a campaign promoting smaller condoms intended for teenagers.  They realised that due to the fact that standard condoms are too wide, adolescent boys refused to use them and so bringing themselves into a grave danger.  I haven’t heard of many other Governments that followed this progressive initiative even though it is well known that the use of condoms reduces the risk of AIDS transmission by 85%.

So, having in mind the amount of disease that can be caused by unprotected sex: transmitting organisms that cause AIDS, genital herpes, cervical cancer, genital warts, syphilis, etc, I will ask you a question - how many of you, female readers, practice to carry condoms in your purse, going out for a wild Saturday night?  How many of you, male readers, would think that a woman who carry condoms in her purse is a whore?  And how many of you had a thought just before the first sexual act with a new partner – ‘if I insist on the condom business right now, I will spoil this precious moment’ or ‘the fact that I am letting him into myself without protection, shows that I care for him and trust him enough to do so’ or ‘if I have a condom handy right now, it will show that I was ‘getting ready’ for sex all along and this will ruin my ‘hunting game’.

A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine with the findings of National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour in the US in 2010 reports that amongst unmarried adults condoms were used during one-third of recent sexual intercourse.  According to the data, men (both adolescent and adult) consistently report more condom use than women.  The same magazine reported that Latino women living in the US are often even afraid to bring up the subject of condom use with their partners...
So my dear female and male readers, let me ask you another question - how many of you have had unprotected sex with a stranger at least once in your life-time?  And if you haven’t, how many of you dream to have this one night with a stranger, that is wild, sexy, unpredictable, and how many times in your imagination, you put a condom on the erected penis, to protect yourself?
So we still need to talk about condoms...

Now, let us together imagine a society where at no circumstances one will have sex with a new partner unless s/he has done all the tests – HIV,etc.   I can almost hear your thoughts, isn’t that far too strict?  Ok, but how else can we determine how serious one is with his or her sexual hygiene?  When exactly can you trust a man to tell you that he has wards – after 1 day or 10 days of knowing him, after a month, or two?  And a woman, when can you trust a woman to tell you that she has wards?  Will she ever tell you, or stay ashamed of it to such an extent that this will stay only her little secret?  How many young couples during the ‘honeymoon’ days of falling in love and at the beginning of their relationship stop to talk about their sexual hygiene?    To get to know one another they will go through many different questions: how many partners have you had, and what did you eat for breakfast when you were 8 – this still stays an interesting part of a mating game, but rarely they ask – how many times have you had unprotected sex and who was it with?  Because this question is not asked, our society still has an enormous number of: teenage pregnancies, abortions, cancers, and sexually transmitted diseases.

So, I invite you to become a part of this ‘perfect’ society where sexual hygiene is taken very seriously, where a man takes care of his sexual health, not leaving it to a chance that a woman he is in love with is of a ‘conscious’ sort.  I invite you to become a woman that has plenty of courage and love and respect for her body and uses condoms regularly religiously. I invite both of you to get acquainted with all the different little rubbery tools that might be helpful during the sexual game.  Explore different condoms, include the likes of femidom in your list of possessions - a female condom - that will give a woman a possibility to fully control her sexual health.  Stay free, conscious and ready to take the responsibility of your body and sexual act, and when you go out next time, do not hesitate, put into your pocket your condom or femidom and have a wonderful night of fun...






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