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Love is the law, but Love controlled by Will

What is Love?

Now, maybe this will sound strange for some very young lovers, but the essence of this wonderful feeling, this joyful state of being is that Love can and must be trained.

To choose Happiness as the way of Life, one needs to train Love. Through the development of virtues the Soul becomes intoxicated with good qualities, and one starts fully and deeply loving and trusting oneself and with it, within this space of openness, there is a possibility of living Love.

Even though people like to believe that they live their own lives, that they make their-own decisions, and that they chose their-own food / clothes / partners, lots of the times we just follow the patterns of thoughts and feelings that are given to us by society, or driven by fear, sex, attachment, and instincts. A bit more effort is needed to start listening to our inner-most being, to start recognising our relationship patterns, and to start choosing love as a way of living. Anybody can chose to love, anybody can chose to be open, and anybody can chose to be happy...

If you have experienced love, you will agree with me that being loved and loving fills us with a warm, secure, floating energy. Love melts us, opens us, dissolves our boundaries and exposes our core, it leaves us natural, childlike, beautiful and in contact with the Inner-Self. When we are touched by the Love Magic we feel the overflow of love. However, the Cupid's arrow also carries jealousy, it exposes us to our ugly side, working with our sub-consciousness fears...

Our philosophers, our religions, our scientists, repeatedly tell us that the formula of our Universe is Love, symbolically governed by Venus. She combines the highest spiritual with the lowest material qualities - Love materialised on Earth. She is born in water, from mud, and she bears the lotus. Some people are lucky to meet Her, but only a few can fight for Her supremacy within their lives.

Discovering Love, I got closer to the famous love quote:

‘Love is the law, but Love controlled by Will’.

The love parents feel for their children, the love between partners, the love for friends are all wonderful exercises for worshipers of Love. When in love, we have a tendency to exaggerate small positive qualities or not to see negative ones, thus we get disappointed when we ‘fall-out’ of love and open our eyes to all the partner's vices. Love needs to become Conscious effort. Love needs to enter our daily meditations, and become our guide.

‘No matter how new the face or how different the dress and behavior, there is no significant division

between us and other people. It is foolish to dwell on external differences, because our basic natures

are the same. Ultimately, humanity is one and this small planet is our only home, If we are to protect

this home of ours, each of us needs to experience a vivid sense of universal altruism. It is only this

feeling that can remove the self-centered motives that cause people to deceive and misuse one

another.’ Dalai Lama on Compassion

Once we learn how to abandon negative thoughts and feelings, polishing the mirror of our mind through meditation, and training of virtues, through living Love for all, the light from within becomes our reality. Discovering the Philosopher's Stone within, becoming a child once more, living Love every single day, are all the keys to this amazing door to Happiness...


Conscious Love

by Nuit (www.artof4elements.com)


Love under Will

Instinctive Love

Falling in Love

Love as Divine Flow


Love-Sex frustrations

Love-Karmic patterns


Mysterious, untouchable, veiled, so-much desired Venus

and our ever-lasting hunger for her beauty...


To remove her from inside her Shell

Imprison her within the woods

Of our love-thirsty sub-conscious darkness

Rape her, possess her, tearing her into shreds

Desiring her purity, her sight, her light

Disappearing into her being

Dissolving - merging - creating

As Gods would...


Love for the sane in a moment of self-inflicting madness

Becomes love for the insane


And yet - how deeply we all long for this insanity


The first ever kiss

Becomes Love for the too-experienced

That for-ever within its crudity hides

The secret of its beginnings


Can love stay virginal?


Can we stay feeling it in our stomachs, hearts, knees


Like a suicide attack of

an 18 year old for-the-very-first-time soaked in-l-o-v-e?


Can we keep it unstained?


by jealousy, possessiveness, pride

And harvest Her fruits

even when they are attacked

by spiders of decay, netted with age of boredom


Can it be full-eternal-all-giving-ego-demolishing?


Can we stay obsessed

and yet



And last, but not least

Can we leave any time we wish?

'cause our drive towards Divine

is still a little bit