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Male Sex = Female Sex
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Male Sex = Femal Sex

Subversive Film Festival in Zagreb 2012

Part of the film program at the fifth Subversive film festival in Zagreb was consisted of movies shown on the Feminist film festival in Brussels, Elles Toument-Dames Draaien.
Leitmotif of the films on a Subversive film festival is briefly - down stereotypes, new concepts of life. Selected feminist films are directed by women. The jury has shortlisted seven films, primarily seeking originality and audacity, poetry, humor and dedication to the expression of new concepts.
I saw three films:
Dirty Diaries, directed by swedish film director Mia Engberg; Parler avec elles / Talk with them, directed by Belgian director of Czech origin Eva Houdova; and the Polish Mall girls, eds. Kasia Roslaniec.

Three very different movies, so interesting and touching each on its own way. Each dealing with some aspects of male and female relationships, understanding and acceptance of their own and sexuality of the others.

What are we looking for through the sexual intercourse and what draws us into relationships with people? Do we seek for ourselves through relationships we go into? Or do we maybe run away from ourselves by engaging ourselves in relationships?