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The Woman Who Separated Church From State

The Lord Is Not On Trial Here Today

Main-stream and alternative religious approach to SEX

Why do we stop having sex?

The likes of Nikola Tesla, St. Teresa of Avila or Sri Aurobindo would tell you that they have deliberately avoided sex and relationships to preserve energy and to safeguard it for the fulfilment of their mission – their mental work or their spiritual growth. Most major religions will wholeheartedly support this decision because in their viewpoint sexual energy belongs to our animal nature, is used for reproduction, and should be left sleeping within the realms of our sub-conscious.

Is Malta the virtual abode of St. Paul in the 21st century?

Maltese Sexual Taboos

The abuse is not only the actual sexual act…
what the sexual abuse of a child is, is the total abuse of power

Church / Pedophilia / Celibacy

Banksy´s art response to pedophilia in church

Banksy´s art response to pedophilia in church

Ein 5 Millimeter breites OM-Symbol kollidiert mit christlichen Werten! Das pornographische Literatur-Angebot des „Weltbild“-Verlags, der zu 100% der katholischen Kirche gehört aber nicht!?!

Katholische „Verkehrs“-Polizisten

Porno in katholischem Verlag

Catholic Priests abused thousands of boys and girls in Ireland!

A Culture of Suffering