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Rimini B. Sazdanovska

Rimini B. Sazdanovska

is a PhD candidate in gender studies and has a MA in communication from the Institute for Sociological and Political - Juridical Researches in Skopje, Macedonia.

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She works as an assistant at South Eastern European University in Republic of Macedonia and member of Komaja NGO (spiritual community lead by A.A.Makaja) for 14 years. A communication scientist by training, her specialties lie in gender, woman sexuality, sexual education, sexuality and spirituality. Her publications on sexual culture in Macedonia have appeared in journals such as EJHS, SEEU Review and in several newspapers and magazines.

She has participated in several congresses and conferences dedicated to human sexuality. Also, she is one of the authors of the draft curriculum for love-erotic and sexual education in Macedonia, translators of few books for sexuality on Macedonian language.
Her main interests are promoting sexual education through comprehensive and creative programs that also include using media appearances as a tool.
Sazdanovska is columnist in Sexpresso from its beginning.

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