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Common errors include putting a condom on too late or taking if off too early during sex


Source: Don't leave it too late!


  • Store condoms in a cool, dry place. Do not use if expired. Push it awayfrom the corner you are going to tear.
  • Once out the packet inspect sheath for damage.
  • Roll on with fingers, leaving space at the tip. If inside out throw away and start again.
  • Use condom throughout sex.
  • Hold base of condom during withdrawal. Check condom for damage. Wrap and discard in bin.
  • If condom breaks or slips off during sex both partners should wash with soap and water straight afterwards to reduce STI risk. Women should use spermicide (a sperm-killing product). Speak to a health care provider about possibility of pregnancy or infection.

And if you ask yourself when is the right moment to use one, learn from this woman! :)


Onother condom commercial with the message: LOVE, use condom and do what you want :)