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4.september 2012 – Third World Sexual Health Day

In the world of diversity, sexual rights for all!

Even though certain kinds of legal protection exist, reality still looks different for many LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people in Croatia. The Pride Parade in Zagreb, organised yearly and regularly since 2002, is usually carried out with police protection.

Just to give a picture: 2005 one hundred people walked in Zagreb Pride, guarded by five hundred policemen. 2012 two thousand people participated in Zagreb Pride Parade, guarded by 400 policemen.

Despite the good development, there are attacks and violence against the participants each year.

In 2011, for the first time Gay Pride Parade was organized in Split as well. After the disaster of the first Parade, the second one, organized in june 2012, was held without incidents.

According to police estimates, about 450 participated in the parade, among them many public figures as well. Given that the first parade was marred by violence, 900 police provided security and a helicopter cruised above the seaport while the parade was under way.

Nevertheless, Croatia has come most far in prevailing sexual rights for LGBT people and making it possible for them to go out on Gay Prides between the ex Yugoslav Republics.

Belgrade had the first attempt of organizing Gay Pride in 2010: 5000 police had to guard 1000 very brave people. The protesters, chanting "Death to homosexuals!" hurled petrol bombs, bricks, stones, bottles and firecrackers at riot police. Police responded with teargas and armoured vehicles to disperse the riots in the heart of the capital even after the brief pride march ended. 57 people were injured, including 47 policemen, one seriously.

One year later, Serbia has bowed to homophobia:

Cancelling a gay pride parade to avoid bloodshed robs gay and lesbian Serbs of a rare chance to step out of the shadows – TheGuardian

The reality emphasizes even more the importance of the Film The Parade

The Parade is the pride of Serbia

A film about war veterans providing security for a Pride march challenges Balkan homophobia – and is a major hit – TheGuardian

Great ignorance is a good argument for having sexuality education

Komaja Society for development of love and consciousness, member of World Association for sexual health (WAS)since 2007, supported the Gay Pride Parade in Zagreb by participating and spreading the leaflets with the Declaration of the sexual rights.

The motiv to this action is what Rosemary Coates, the president of the World Association for sexual health expressed in the Interview given to the founder of Komaja International Community, Aba Aziz Makaja:

“… Ignorance is dangerous, knowledge means safety and security. Great ignorance is a good argument for having sexuality education. “

Komaja Society advocates the promotion of the sexual rights in Croatia and nearer the ideal of sexual healthy society. Makaja, its founder, won the American Sexual Intelligence Award in 2004 for being a "South-Slavic Sexual Enlightener".

Dr. Marty Klein - internationally reputed Marriage & Family Counselor and Sex Therapist, author of several bestsellers about sexual education and marriage therapy – USA - about Makaja´s work:

The political reach is the ultimate importance of Makaja’s work. In a part of the world that has obsessively focused on people’s opposites and differences Makaja focuses on people’s common human heritage. He talks of the erotic oppression that burdens them all, and teaches a way of living that focuses on what all people share: the potential for erotic fulfillment and conscious loving.