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Aborigines invented the swinging and Hindu priests had sex with virgins


Different people, different customs in all, including the sex. However, due to migration and transport connections many authentic customs were lost or blended with others because sex does not recognize any boundaries, so the question today as the "practice of the ancients" is still held in force. It wouldn't hurt to have a little peek into the sexual habits of some tribes around the world from which also the men of today could learn something useful.



When they had reach puberty, boys on the island of Mangaia (Cook Islands) would receive a thorough sexual training - which included many details about the best poses and instructions on how to delay his own satisfaction that their partner could achieve multiple orgasms. Knowledge is power.

On the Marquises Islands in the Pacific, it was sought from men the ability to prolong their erection indefinitely, until their partner is fully satisfied. It was considered normal for women to experience at least three orgasms... in a single intercourse.

For the Australian Aranda it was not uncommon that during the night, the partners have sex three to five times, having short naps in the meantime - just enough to recharge their batteries. THAT is an endless love.

Australian Aborigines, during the ceremony which marked the entry of their children into puberty, were temporarily exchanging women as a gesture of friendship and goodwill. This would be often initiated by women, evidently enjoying the change of scenario. And we thought that swinging was something new.

Melanesian tribe Lesu allowed the children to watch adult during sexual encounter, even those who are not their parents. Learning from others' experiences.

Residents of Bali, as well as residents of Skiim called Lepcha (emigrated from the area of ​​Tibet and Mongolia) did not exactly master the art and rituals of seduction. If you want to have sex, you only had to ask for it - both men and women. Say, just say.

The indigenous people from the peninsula of La Guajira in the north coast of South America, bordering Venezuela and Colombia, had the custom that if a woman tripped on a man during ceremonial dances, he is obliged to have sexual intercourse with her. Be careful where you step, women (and men)!

Members of the African tribes Ila encouraged their children from early childhood to fully develop their sexual skills, allowing them any form of sexual expression in which they wish to participate.Apparently in that society there was no virgins older than 15!

Some Hindu sects are looking for a priest to deflorate a virgin before she consumed a marriage with her husband. What to say except that it is not easy to be a priest.

Homosexual relationships were accepted practice among men in Siwans tribes in Africa.Those who did not practice, were considered to be distinctive, so to speak.

The Brazilian community Aweikoma people took things quite literally. Because for eating and for sex one requires special gape, i.e. passage, they used the same term for both activities. Why complicate?

Some Polynesian societies had no word for obscene, indecent, filthy, etc., because sex was never considered shameful or humiliating.

Kind of family purity law of the Jews was precisely determining when it was, and when it was not allowed to have sexual intercourse with a woman. When Jewish women was bleeding during menstruation or after childbirth, she was not allowed to sleep with her partner. However, pregnancy was the only period in which sexual intercourses were allowed at any time.

Some African cultures, such as those in Zimbabwe, lubrication of the vagina understood as something dirty and filthy, so women were trying to reduce the moisture before or during sexual activity (dry sex) and used different means to achieve this, including the ground soaked with baboon's urine, mixture of dust, detergents, tree bark, salt, roots, spices, vinegar, antiseptic, cotton and newspapers. Men considered such sexual intercourse as enjoyable as the vagina was narrowed, so the friction was higher, and one easily imagine how it was for women.

Tribe Kerung took care about their virgins, and so the parents built a tent for their daughter as soon as she reached puberty. Tent was used for sex for young girl, and she would had sey even with a few men during the night until she found the one whom she wants to marry. Divorce was unacceptable is this tribe, so it was necessary to choose wisely.

At the mountainous Dinaric area, until the middle of last century there was an unusual sexual practice that is called - "chasing". What was "chasing"? It is sexual play between boys and girls in rural areas, which occurred mostly during shepherd, working in the field, and sometimes in the house during big gatherings. For example, a girl would feed the sheep on the hill, and would sang aloud. The song would be heard by a young man (not necessarily her boyfriend) that would soon approached her and rushed to her. She would pretend to run away and struggles (in fact all was her game), then the young man would lay her soon on the turf. In doing so, he could "knead" her as he pleases, but there was no penetration, because the moral did not allow it. "Chasing" was generally accepted phenomenon among young girls and boys.

It also happened in houses during big gatherings, with the blessing of parents and numerous relatives.After work, meals, drinks and songs, chasing would soon emerge. Actually, they did not ran around the house but the girl and her partner would just hide in a corner and grab therewith full approval of elders, including the girl's parents. It should be noted that the basic rule of chasing, no penetration, was generally respected. Also, the girl's will was respected. In other words, if the girl was not for chasing, then the young man had to respect her will.

Residents of Tonga (South Pacific) allowed a sexual intercourse before marriage, with the girl's parents' permission, provided that there is no conception. If, however, there is a pregnancy, a couple who made mistake had to walk naked around the village for several days. In addition, they had to use a magic potion that will protect the environment from infection.

Source: www.slobodnadalmacija.hr