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The women in black

The woman in AfricaMuch concern about sexual health in Africa by the WAS congress in Gothenburg 2009

Today, there is no country or continent where sexual health is not threatened. The only difference is in the scale and the availability of networks to fight for the rights of those affected.

- sais Dr. Uwemedino Esiet, President of the African Federation for Sexual Health.

In order to find out what are the main problems of the African people concerning sexual health, I conducted an interview with Thobela Ndywili, a young woman from Cape Town - South Africa, living in Germany. Our conversation went into different fields, like:

  • the awareness over the sexual health and sexual rights in Africa in comparison to Europe,
  • the Right, the Role and the Status of the African Woman in her environment,
  • the influence of the culture and the tradition to the attitude towards the sexuality
  • the AIDS-issue and the clitoris circumcision–issue in Africa
  • the options and the chances that the African youth has in order to bring a change.

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Here some highlights from the interview:

Thobela Nydwili and Su RitterThobela: When I think of Woman’s Vaginas, I have a picture, as if they are a DOOR to a Castle, like a royal Kingdom, very big and nice and rich place. But the Door to that place is Vagina. Our richness as Women, the value we have in the world at all, we can not be aware of it if we are not aware of our vaginas, ourselves. The diseases, the AIDS, all the sexual transmitted diseases are coming through Vagina. We receive and bring children to the world through our vaginas: the Kings, the Princess, the Presidents of the world, we bring them through our vagina to the world. I think it’s maybe time that we put the Declaration of the sexual rights at this Door. And anyone who’s coming to go through this Door and into the Castle should know what the rules are before they go in. So they will have more respect for the room they are entering. The rules and the information’s about the Castle have to be written at the Door.

Thobela: Wherever I am, I practice the program of “orgasmic woman”, do the steps, just for myself, to be able to look into myself and understand how my orgasm works and how my sexual life is and than to be able to live it! Only when we are able to do that, only then we can be able to pass it to our husbands or to our villages. Then we will be able to talk. After we have felt it ourselves, after we felt how an orgasm feels, than we can talk. Until that time, it is like searching for something in the darkness. We don’t even know what you Europeans are talking about! We know that a man gets an orgasm when we are making love. That is all. The rest you are talking about, we don’t know.
So this orgasmic woman therapy could be a chance to change something….

About Orgasmic Woman Programm: www.theorgasmicwoman.com