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The passion of the heart

Tantric Love


Telepathic love, mighty persistent currents of joy and ecstasy without touching, even without seeing each other, without listening or speaking to each other - this sweet tremor of body and soul - this is Tantra. This is tantric love!

Tantrism is an ancient Indian spiritual philosophical system which in contrary to orthodox Hinduism teaches, that the spiritual path and enlightenment are accessible for all people regardless of caste and gender.

Taking as a basis that God is present in everything – each single action becomes a ritual, each single action means dealing with divine energies and forces.

In the Left-Hand Path of Tantrism the ritual sexual act (Sanskrit. maithuna) is celebrated as a form of worship and is one of the techniques that lead to enlightenment. God’s love can be found via human love.

According to the tantric doctrine of Komaja it is important to overcome the fear of the sexual encounter. But just as important it is to overcome the tendency of being too fascinated with the sexual nature, being too much caught up in it. Because the essence of tantra lies in love and the development of virtues otherwise neither growth nor big heavenly bliss is possible.

Komajas tantra is the tantra of the heart. Although it is carried out by the sexual centre – here the passion of the heart governs the passion of the sexual organ.

Once this coitus happens which focal point lies in the energetic-spiritual level, the souls of the lovers are even more and deeper united and spiritualized.

And not only during sex but all the time the chest of a tantric is passionately aroused – no matter if he or she is working, playing, singing, discussing. Tantric love for him or her means celebrating life in all aspects and in each moment.

For tantric love it is indifferent whether we live in a monogamous of polyamorous way, if we have hetero- or homosexual relationships – it shows the way to healthy, happy and long lasting partnerships full of joy and responsibility for each other.


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