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Female orgasm is still one of the least explored and least discovered places


"Love can be understood only ‘from the inside’, as language can be understood only by someone who speaks it, as the world can be understood only by someone who lives in it,"

says Robert Solomon in the book "Love, emotion , myth and metaphor." Each person should be given enough time for understanding the sexuality and love in his life as an unavoidable part of the human nature. Although people differ in their sexual behaviors, it is necessary to find sexual lifestyles that will contribute to better health, happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. And although almost everyone faces with some sort of sexual problems in life, however, the responsibility to seek assistance to overcome them, lies in each individual. Nobody can do it for us!
Throughout the history of the human race, sexuality was put in the mass institutions, rituals and other things. History is full with the attempts and acts of supression, humiliation, hiding, and banning of sex, especially female sexuality. Obsession with this topic is really strange - so many social and religious histories are occupied with "what is good and what is bad" in sexuality and constantantly search for what is our "natural" and "normal" way of behavior. Everyone has its own vision of sexuality, their own special recipe that ensures satisfaction. Sexuality is not just an act of sexual intercourse, but also love, togetherness, intimacy, eroticism, trust, ...

Can sex be reserched scientifically?
Someone very shy, or with the cynicism, sometimes will ask: “Whether something what is very intimate, private and inevitably, as sex is in general, can be reserched scientifically?!” And can something be improved or promoted, taking into account the "unquestioned" fact that we use it almost daily, regardless of whether sexologists or any of our public sphere regulated, prescribed, recommended or prohibited?! Throughout this "sexual adventure" female orgasm is still one of the least explored and least discovered places.

Hite Report
According to "Report Hite" one of the most famous survey conducted between 3000 women, 26% of the women experience orgasm regularly during sexual intercourse without additional manual stimulation, yet 19% seldom experience orgasm, 16% experience it when they stimulate the clitoris manually in addition, and 26% never have an orgasm during sexual intercourse. However, through masturbation 96% (of the 82% who masturbate) experience orgasm regularly. 12% didn’t ever experience an orgasm under any circumstances. And 3% had never had sexual intercourse.

The training: Orgamsic Woman
Many women want greater sexual satisfaction. They need training programs and appropriate instructions. One of the few programs for improvement of the sexual health of women and to increase her orgasmic ability is the training program "The Orgasmic Woman - training for sexual wellbeing," which is part of a larger international project of the Komaja Foundation. The authors and creators of the program are the psychotherapist with additional schooling in sexual therapy; a doctor of general medicine; and a tantric master and sexologist, to whom 2004 the renowned Award for Sexual Intelligence was given. The training, which consists of a balanced combination of methods of behavioral psychotherapy, visualization techniques and exercises from Komaja kundalini tantra yoga helps the woman to meet herself and her body and spirit, step by step. It is a program for women of all ages who are mentally healthy and who want to better know themselves, their bodies and their thoughts and feelings related to sexuality. Every woman by herself determines the tempo and dynamics of training. During the entire program is recommended for women to maintain contacts with the so-called support persons - women who have already undergone training and who are experts in areas of medicine, psychology, sexology... Also, the woman can write the diary about the process and shraing her experiences from the training with the other women. Positive reactions and scientifically substantiated findings from this project were successfully presented at the World Congresses for Sexual Health in 2007 and 2011 in Sydney, Australia and Glasgow, UK.

The woman - the empress
The complexity of human sexuality - the complexity that still remains a mystery sometimes even to scientists, it’s added to our fascination with sex and wealth of our sexual experiences. Women's sexuality, however, hides an even greater mystery and secrecy. There are few studies of sexuality in women, and the challenges are great. For centuries, women often suppress their sexual pleasure. She is trapped in the thought that there should be not enjoyment in sexual intercourse. Fear and shame often reign in her realm of sexuality. But every woman can be a queen. Christine Li and Ulja Krautwald in the book “The Way of the Empress” have written:

"If she makes the decision, with all its consequences, and if she is ready to determine her life by herself, she can be a empress (...) From the first moment she liberates herself from the conventional attitudes of how a woman should be, then desire, power, beauty and wisdom lie only in her hands.“

However, attention! The life of a queen is not easy. Instead to navigate to predetermined patterns, queen lives free and decides on its own life ... And sexuality is powerful!  Or as the famous spiritual and tantric master Makaja, and one of the authors of the training, says in his book “Eros and Logos- The Book for Saints and Sinners”, sex is for some natural curse, and for some natural bliss!