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Miss Amrita

Miss Amrita

Dipl. Engineer of Graphic technology and
Graphic designer
Pilates trainer
Creates unique handmade jewelry

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Amrita works as a pilates teacher and a coordinator in her own small gym.
She creates handmade jewelry for few fine art galleries and fashion shops in Croatia.
Enjoys also to express her creativity through writing.
Interested in spirituality, self development and tantra. Likes to read and study about philosophy, tantra, religion, poetry…anything connected with self revelation and real development of virtues.
One of her goals is to dedicate herself and support the full emancipation of women (also men, because it's very connected), and equilization of  feminine and masculine principle in everyday life and human relationships, as also generally in today's modern society.

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Male Sex = Femal Sex

Subversive Film Festival in Zagreb 2012

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What kind of state can we achieve through sexual intercourse?

Happy New Orgasm!

...Every moment as if you just had sex with the best penis in town...

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Walking down the street with a smile, a smile for no reason...

Fell in love?

I'm not the same as at the beginning of a relationship, and yet, it's still me.


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Everyone can love, we can all love more

Love also in a decadence

Paul Auster

In the majority of Paul Auster´s novels can be felt senseless, rather the loss of a sense of purpose, communication failure, general disaster, and the absurd, a kind of fatal social non-future curtain, apocalyptic society without future, infinitely end. And yet he shows a completely ordinary daily life of characters with average abilities... How unbelievably Auster inbreathed love to them in these cruel times...

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